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2006 - 2007


- Are you a young fashion designer living in Greece ?
- Do you want to gain more exposure to show and sell your  creations ?
- Do want to know what is happening in the fashion scene in  Greece and network
with your peers ?
- Do you sometimes wish for alternative opportunities to present and sell your designs ?

`A Fashion (A) fair´ is a unique event promoting and presenting the

During the weekend of the 27th and 28th of October a selection of designers will be able show and sell their work in the heart of Athens. The event is organized by `International Theatre Crossroads´.



`Fashion (A) fair´ is not only a MARKET PLACE for the designers to sell their work; the event will be framed by LIVE PERFORMANCES in various forms to create an environment of interaction and entertainment.

Through the medium of LIVE PERFORMANCE we want to explore the idea of what fashion is, what clothes we wear, why and when, how we form our images through clothes and to celebrate the art and artistry of fashion design.

Live performances might happen through short devised theatre pieces, choreographies or dramatized poetry. The performances will be between 5-15 minutes in length. They will happen throughout the building and will be performed in intervals throughout the day.

We also intend to create a alternative fashion show in which we will present selected pieces of the designers through a theatrical piece.

Furthermore we believe by combining the world of fashion with another medium the exhibiting designers will also benefit from a wider range of visitors and thus a greater possibility to promote and sell their work.



Every designer will pay a fee for renting the space for their wares. The fee is dependent on the size of the space you wish to rent.

For example the rent for the space of 2,5meters  x 2 meters will be 100 Euros for the two days.

Additional, 20% of your sales (after the amount paid for rent) will be deducted as commission.

The designer are responsible for bringing their own rails, tables, or whatever devises they need to
present their designs.



- The opportunity to show and sell your work in a unique and innovative environment
- Promotion of the event through flyers, networks and media
- Invitations will be sent out to leading members if the industry
- Meeting and networking with other designers and getting a first sight impression of
what is happening in the Greek young designer scene.
- Refreshments

For more information, conditions of participation and to reserve a space (with a deposit of 45 Euros) please call Marlene (English only) on 6938763953 or

Marilena (Greek) on 6974309947